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Aloo Lachha Combos Of 3

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Aloo Lachha Crunchy, spiced potato sticks flavoured with a blast of red chilli, pepper and freshly ground jeera. The perfect addition to your teatime and traditional meals, this crispy

With this tempting snack, enjoy your snacking to the fullest. Aloo Lachha Namkeen's mouth-watering snacks are an all-time favourite offering from Kanwar ji. Aloo Lachha is made from carefully picked fresh potatoes. Irrespective of age, this evenly fried potato stick is everyone’s favourite. HEALTHY GIFT IN PREMIUM PACKAGING

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Flat 10% Discount On Combos Of 3

Flat 15% Discount On Combos Of 4

Made with pure desi ghee. 

100% vegetarian. No onion, no garlic. 

Mouthwatering Indian snack. 

Popular across the globe.


Potatoes, Desi Ghee, Edible Common Salt, Ground spices (Red Chili, Dried Ginger, Black Pepper, Cardamom), Acidity Regulator

Order Now & Avail Exclusive offers. 

Located in the historic Chandni Chowk, Kanwarjis is a legendary confectioner shop with a rich heritage spanning 170 years. Renowned for its mouthwatering namkeen snacks, they offer the convenience of buying namkeen online. Indulge in their tantalizing and most famous namkeens snacks like aloo laccha and flavorful dal biji namkeen, or savor the aromatic Kaju Masala. With Kanwarjis, you can experience the authentic flavors of Chandni Chowk's iconic namkeen from the comfort of your home.

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  • Brand: Kanwarjis

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