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Achari Mathi Combos of 4

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Kanwar Jis Confectioner Mathi is a well-liked popular snack, especially in North India. It is one of the perfect Indian snacks for tea time, get-togethers, your evening partner, or just a snack option in your pantry. Mathi is made with flour and some seasonings added to it. Choco Vic presents this Indian snack with a tangy twist. Achari Mathi is seasoned with some of the best spices and mango pickles. The crunchy and flaky Achari Mathi with the tinge of tanginess is going to be one the best tea-time snacks for an evening munchie. Choco Vic offers Achari Mathi in India at the best prices.

Flat 10% Discount On Combos Of 4

Made with pure desi ghee. 

100% vegetarian. No onion, no garlic. 

Mouthwatering Indian snack. 

Popular across the globe.


Wheat Flour, Desi Ghee, Salt for Salted Tikki, Sugar for Sweet Tikki, Black Pepper, Spices Etc.

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Kanwarjis, a celebrated confectioner shop in Chandni Chowk, has delighted taste buds for 170 years with its diverse range of snacks. From crispy matthi and flavorful kachori masala to mouthwatering samosa masala, their savory online are a true delight. Indulge in the exquisite gur para, boondi ladoo, or besan ke laddu, capturing the essence of Delhi's famous sweets. With Kanwarjis' online platform, you can conveniently buy snacks online and savor these delectable treats from anywhere.

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