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Any snack that has a sweet or sugary flavour is called a sweet snack. Most of the sweets snacks also use dairy products to give a creamy and milky texture. Some sweets are dry and some sweets snacks have a liquidy texture. India has had a lot of traditional sweet recipes over the years. Many new sweets have also been invented. The western customers on the other hand eat more sweets that are made from chocolate. The sweet industry is very versatile and customers have an ocean full of options to choose from.
Some of the most popular sweets in India are- Gulab Jamun Gajar Ka Halwa Kulfi Ras Malai Modak Khaja Kheer Rasgulla Most of the sweets are made from sugar and dairy products along with all purpose flour. These are very different in nature and some of them maybe more overpowering than the others. Most of the sweets are enjoyed by people all across the country.
The most famous sweet shop in Delhi is Kanwarji. We are famous for making high-quality sweets and some of our best selling items are Gulab Jamun, kaju katli and besan Ladoo. These are made from high quality ingredients and have a secret recipe that attracts thousands of customers to the shop every time. We have been successfully operating for more than 150 years and opened three outlets in Delhi. Customers can visit our stores to understand the hype.
The oldest suite in India is malpua. Malpua dates back to thousands of years ago and is also described in Indian Scriptures and spiritual books. It was initially used as a dish to please the gods and later distributed between all the believers as prasad. It is made from wheat or all purpose flour along with a liquid of sugar. It is then fried in oil and enjoyed hot. It is very soft and sweet in taste.
Eating sweets regularly is not the healthiest thing that you can do for yourself. Especially if you are looking to lose weight, then you must avoid sweets. But every thing that is consumed in limits is always beneficial to help. Eating some amount of sugar every day helps maintain our blood pressure and also sugar levels. But people must ensure that the sugar is not too high and in appropriate quantity. That way you can enjoy sugar and also save yourself from the harms of it.

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