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Savory snack refers to anything that is made from vegetables, flour and spices. The snakes are generally very filling in nature and you do not feel hungry for a very long period of time after eating the snacks. There are many savory snacks available in the market. Some of the snakes are proper dishes whereas the others are just packed snacks. Usually people eat the snacks during evening time to satisfy small cravings before dinner. Every country has different savory snacks of their own that are popular among the public.
There are various kinds of savory snacks for each and every country. For example, in the USA, some favorite snacks are potato chips, cheese balls, onion, rings, French fries and nachos. Where, as in India, the savory snacks, options or a lot are different. This includes fritters, mathis, aloo tikki, papad, kebabs and many more. Usually Indians believe in eating fresh savory snacks instead of packaged food. It totally depends on the country and its flavors. Although all kinds of savory snacks are available around the world today.
The most famous savory snack shop in Delhi is Kanwarji. We have a legacy of more than 150 years and have opened three outlets across Delhi. Kanwarji has a secret recipe for all of its dishes that has been followed throughout the years. This is the reason why most of the customers enjoy its food so much. Kanwarji also delivers its delicacies throughout the country through our website. We make all of their delicacies in Desi ghee which is the reason why people have their products so much. You can choose from a variety of savory snacks from Kanwarji.
There are many famous savory snacks in India. Some of the most famous savory snacks include - samosa, khakhra, thepla, Bhakri, banana chips, bhel, pakodas and many more. There are endless options of savory snacks in India. You can get packaged savory snacks and also a lot of fresh savory snacks. It totally depends on your own taste palette and priorities. You will be able to find most of the savory snacks in almost all the shops of India.
Some healthy savory snacks options include- • Moong Dal ki Chaat • Carrot and Coriander Fritters • Corn Chaat • Steamed Bafauri • Sooji Squares • Baked Masala Tofu • Grilled Sesame Paneer • Rajma Chaat All of the snakes are extremely healthy and very light on calories. If you are looking forward to losing some weight and still eating interesting food then you can try all of these options.
Namkeen refers to a category of food that is salty in nature and eaten across South East Asia in majorly all households. Namkeens are enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a combination of various ingredients, including potatoes, lentils, vegetables, seeds, and nuts to make it crunchy and flavourful. These are generally enjoyed as side dishes along with a main course. People also like eating it along with tea and some other warm liquid. These are also served to guests and children eat it during their snack time. These are very light to eat and not very high in calories which is why they are so popular. Namkeens are of various types.
There are a lot of namkeen shops in Delhi that have been selling namkeen for a very long period of time. But out of them the one that stands out the most is Kanwarji. Our shop is famous for its variety of namkeen including Aloo, bhujia and Navratan mixture. We also offer assorted namkeen packages that you can use for gifting during special occasions. Most of the namkeens are made from high-quality raw ingredients, which is why we have a unique flavor and taste. We make sure that they maintain quality checks so that customers are satisfied.
There are a lot of namkeen in the market but out of them some enjoy an unparalleled popularity among the public. Here are some of the most famous namkeen in the Indian market. Aloo bhujia Navratan mixture Chana masala Mix bheel Diet cheevda Badam Lachcha Sevv mixture Punjabi tadka All of these namkeen or very different in flavour from each other. Some of them are spicy while the others are balanced and flavourful. Customers can enjoy these namkeen as per their own liking.
There are a lot of healthy namkeen options in the market. Some of these include diet bheel, diet chevda, Chana dal namkeen, moong dal namkeen and many more. All of these are very flavorful and yet very low in calories. You can also customize these namkeen as per your own liking by adding vegetables and lemon to them that enhance the flavor. These can be consumed as a great snacking option so that you do not have to eat unhealthy things like chips.
Namkeen is not the healthiest option that you can get in the market. Some namkeen in particular have high calories. But in general it's better than your other packaged food options like nachos and chips. These are made from better ingredients and have better nutritional value. Also eating namkeen in a particular quantity that is not too high. Will not harm your health in any way. You can consume namkeen every day but in a genuine quantity so that it doesn't affect your health.

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