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We make a variety of sweets for our customers that are prepared meticulously by our team every day. Our primary motive is to offer high-quality products to our customers. We also love to curate new packages and hampers for our customers during special festivals and occasions. Or some of the most popular products include our kaju katli, Gulab Jamun, Badam Karachi Halwa, Kaju Paan, Kaju Gulkand Barfi, Besan ladoo and so many more things. This is what makes us the most famous sweet shop in Delhi that has been distributing happiness for over 150 years.

We ensure all our sweets are made from high-quality dairy products, including milk and desi ghee. Today the sweet market has become very corrupt, and many businesses use low-quality products for making sweets. But at Kanwarji we have been relentlessly delivering quality products to our customers for over 150 years. This is one of the major reasons we have made a name for ourselves in the market. Our quality is what separates us from the other, most famous sweet shops in Delhi. Not only are we the best in taste but also our sweets are delightful to even look at.

We also bring sweets from around the country to give you a diverse menu, including Rajasthani ladoo, chocolate barfi, pink coconut barfi and Badam Pista Sohan Halwa. We make sure that you get a taste of our vintage as well as new sweet dishes. For us, sweet eating is an experience that we take very seriously. We take pride in saying that all our customers have never been disappointed after trying our sweets. You can easily buy sweets from our outlet in Chandni Chowk, or you can directly buy sweets online from our website. We offer seamless delivery services to our customers. So end the wait and order our mouth-melting sweets today from the most famous sweet shop in delhi.

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