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If you are someone who loves eating savoury snacks, then Kanwarji  is the right place for you. We have got all kinds of savoury snacks and we are one of the most famous savoury shops in Delhi. Our snacks are high in quality and we use the best ingredients to prepare your favourite snacks. Some of the best selling products include-

  1. Khasta Kachori
  2. Shakar Para
  3. Gur Para
  4. Masala Papdi
  5. Choti Masala Kachori 
  6. Papdi
  7. Namak Para
  8. Gol Mathri
  9. Tikoni Matthi
  10. Choti Masala Samosa

These snacks are the perfect answers to your unsettling hunger. The best part is that you do not have to compromise on the overall quality of the product just because you want to eat savoury snacks. The problem with the savoury snacks market is that it is very unregulated. Other shops use cheap material for making savoury snacks. But we at Kanwarji make sure that you get all the high-quality savoury snacks at reasonable prices. We make all our products in pure Desi Ghee which is a major USP.

All the snacks will not harm your health at any cost. Our healthy and tasty snacks or one of the major reasons why we are a famous savoury snacks shop in Delhi. You can choose to order our products from your online website or you can visit any of our stores in Delhi. We deliver on the same day to the customers who live in Delhi NCR. Others can receive their orders within 3 to 5 days of ordering the products. We also sell special chutneys along with the savoury snacks to enhance the flavour. Now tea time will be your favourite part of the day because of our savoury snacks. You can replace your everyday bowling snacks and biscuits with our interesting savoury snacks.

We have a secret recipe for all our products and we make sure that all our products pass through a quality check before reaching our customers. We also provide assorted boxes of savoury snacks in case you want to distribute it among your family and friends. We provide special services for marriages and other important occasions. To try our products, you can visit our famous savoury snack shops in Delhi today.

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