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As Indians, our morning and evening tea is incomplete without having namkeen snacks. These namkeen snacks enhance the flavours of tea to a great extent. But mostly, the packaged namkeen snacks are soggy and bad in taste. But with Kanwarji namkeen snacks, you do not have to face this problem ever again in your life. Kanwarji has been a trailblazer in the savoury industry for many years. This is one of the reasons why Knawarji is a famous namkeen shop in Delhi. We have our secret recipes, which are the reason behind a trademark test that is impossible to find in the rest of the world. We offer a balanced flavour of savoury snacks perfect for your Indian taste buds. Our best-selling products include masala Kaju, which are freshly imported cashews coated with a mixture of Indian spices that add to the natural taste of cashews.

Another of our best-selling products includes masala  Badam which includes almonds that are roasted and then covered with Indian spices specially prepared considering the natural taste of almonds. Roasting the almonds by adding spices, adding a special crunch and testing to almonds without making them unhealthy. It is the perfect option for your regular snacking.

Badam Lachcha, Bikaneri mixture, complex mixture and Shahi mixture are some of our namkeen delicacies that are four people who like salty and spicy food. They add the perfect crunch to your otherwise bland dishes like poha, Khichdi and upama. All you have to do is just sprinkle these mixtures on top of your dishes and see the magic. Our good quality and seamless services is the reason why we are a famous namkeen shop in Delhi.

We also offer authentic Indian namkeen such as Dal Bhaji, Masala Para, Mogra, Kabuli Chana and so many more. These bring back the exquisite flavour of your childhood and fond memories with the snacks. Now you no longer have to pay a lot to get the snacks. All you have to do is go on our website and order whatever you like. We keep on adding new items to our menu from time to time so that customers get to experience the flavours of versatile namkeens from the country. Kamwarji has made sure that it retains its original flavour and still complies with the contemporary market needs which is why it is a famous namkeen shop in Delhi. You can visit us today to taste our best selling products.

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