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Indians like to add flavors to every thing that they eat. It is impossible for us to eat something that is bland and flavorless. This is why we want a punch of flavor to all our foods irrespective of what time of the day it is. You can add Namkeen to your regular rice and make them a different dish. You can add Namkeen to your Bondi raita and you can even add Namkeen to your regular vegetable dishes to elevate their flavors. Even Namkeen Sir, the perfect snack when guests come to your home.

They are your perfect teatime partners and even children love to eat. You can snack on them at any time of the day and still not feel full. All the famous Namkeen shops in Delhi and in India have these snacks for customers. This is the beauty of the snacks. Today we will talk about the top five namkeens in India that everyone loves to eat.

This Namkeen is the snacks in India. There is no one who doesn't know what Aloo Bhujia is. It is safe to say that it is a patent snack of India that has also become very popular abroad as well. There are various brands that have been selling Aloo Bujia for a very long period of time. You can binge on this snack as long as you want and one cannot deny that it is a little addictive. Aloo Bhujia is made from potatoes which are shaped into very small pieces of noodles and are fried. These little fried pieces of potatoes are then mixed with a mixture of Indian spices that enhance flavor. Aloo bhujiya is very crunchy and delicious to eat. You can buy aloo bhujia at famous Namkeen shops in Delhi.

Badam Lachha is one of the most popular Namkeen in India. It is also made from potato and is in the shape of small noodles. But its flavor is less spicy than that of Aloo bhujia. It is actually a little sweater in test and has roasted almonds as well. It also has some raisins and is less spicy then other namkeens. It is for people who do not like very spicy Namkeen and actually enjoy sweet flavor. Kids love this Namkeen because it suits their taste buds. It is also very crunchy and  is the perfect tea-time partner. Many children also eat Badam lachha with their milk. It is a good snacking option which also has good nutritional value as well.

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Diet Chura

Diet Chura is the perfect mixture of light snacks of different kinds that are lightly roasted. The flavor is not too sweet or too salty. It is actually a perfect mixture of sweet, savory and salted. It is very good for people who are trying to lose weight as it is very low in calories. It is also filled with peanuts and cashews which also increases the nutritional value of this snack. It is also very good for children as it doesn't compromise with their health. Diet Chura is also available in all the famous Namkeen shops in Delhi and around the country.

Punjabi Tadka 

Punjabi Tadka brings you the exotic and exquisite flavor of Punjab. Like most Namkeen snacks, it is also made from potato and all purpose flour. The flavor of this Namkeen is very different from the other. It uses very loud spices and the flavor is also very noticeable. It is not recommended if your spice level is low. Children should also not eat Punjabi tadka because they might feel that it's too spicy for them. But Punjabi tadka is perfect for those people who like spicy stuff. It goes very well with Pav Bhaji and vada pav.

Moong Dal Snacks 

Moong dal is also a very tasty namkeen that is made from yellow lentils which is also known as moong dal. It is prepared by boiling the dal and then covering it in a mixture and then frying it. The dal becomes very tasty and it is served with a lot of spices, onion and tomatoes. It is like a chart and people often enjoy it as one of the assorted snacks while having parties and in general day today life as well. It is the same smack that you find in Indian trains being sent by Wenders. Children usually enjoy moong dal, namkeen a lot.


All these dolls are very popular in India and you will find them in all the famous Namkeen shops in Delhi and other metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai et cetera. You will also find these namkeens in smaller cities as well because of their widespread popularity.

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