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Navratri is an auspicious time and is a very famous Hindu festival of nine days. People believe in vigorous fasting during these nine days to please the goddess. In these nine days, all those people who do the fasting need to make sure that they eat food that is allowed during the fasts. Also, the food has to be pure and made from the right ingredients to make sure that the fasting is done in the right way. Kanwarji, understands your religious concerns which is why we make sure that all the products related to Navratri are prepared with utmost care and precision. We offer the best products for Navratri that you can eat during your fast and you can also distribute among children on Ashtami. Our such care and precision in making our dishes has made us a famous namkeen shop in Delhi.

We offer a lot of Navratri special products like Makhana namkeen, Sabudana namkeen, Kaju Badam Namkeen, and many more such products. We make sure that all the flavours are balanced properly. All the ingredients are chosen by our professional team and we make sure that fasting is carried out properly. We use vrat friendly sendha namak. This is the reason why they are among the famous namkeen shops in Delhi. We also provide special sweets for fasts. All our sweets are vrat friendly and we make sure that no prohibited ingredient is used in the making of these dishes. 

You can choose to order our namkeen from our website. You can also come to our shop which is one of the most famous namkeen shops in Delhi. We currently have three outlets in the city. You can visit us during our working hours and select what you want. Our prices are very reasonable. All the visitors must note that most of the Vrat related eatables are mostly available during Navratri season only. You can come visit us today and try your delicacies to know what's so special about the most famous namkeen shop in Delhi.

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