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For all the people who have a craving for a sweet tooth, we have bought for you the list of the best sweet shops in Delhi. All of these shops serve the most mouth-watering, melting sweets that you can buy. Here are our best picks.


Cover Ji is known for serving a variety of sweets for more than 150 years. They started from a small shop in Chandni Chowk and now have established their business all across Delhi. They also ship their daily cases to the whole country through their own website. You can order their world famous Besan Ladoos, gulab jamuns, and kaju katli from their website.


Annapurna Sweet house has been called by many media outlets as the Best Bengali sweet shop in Delhi. It has been serving the Best Bengali Flavors for years and people from different parts of Delhi. Come to enjoy the different flavors of Bengal. They also serve their own snacks, which is an advantage to everyone. People can visit their outlets to understand the hype about this shop.


This shop is located near Jama Masjid and has preserved the real flavors of the Mughal empire in Delhi. They are known for serving all the authentic Mughal dishes which is the reason why the shop is always packed with customers. All the dishes are borrowed from the Mughal cooks, who bought these famous recipes from Afghanistan and Turkey. They serve the world famous Mysore paak, Fruit Barfi, Karachi Halwa and Shahi Tukda. It is a shop that serves flavors which have gone extinct otherwise. This is the reason why it is a famous sweet shop in Delhi.

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It is safe to say that this is one of the most iconic sweet shops in Delhi. It is located in the Chandni Chowk region which is famous for its fold and authentic sweet and Namkeen shops. It serves a lot of  sweets that are prepared by their cooks. Most of the raw ingredients are also sourced by the sweet shop itself. They do not believe in buying anything from the market to ensure that the customers receive the best quality products. This is the reason why Shyam sweets is a very famous sweet shop in Delhi.


This shop is perfect for people who want to eat sweets without counting their calories. They serve all the heavy Indian desserts like Jalebi, Laddoo, Shahi Tukda, Rasmalai, and many more. You can also approach them for special occasions like marriages and functions at your home. They specialise in making the best hampers that will please your guest and make them go gaga.


Rewari sweets is a very small sweet shop, but you should never go to its size because it serves the most flavourful sweet dishes in the whole of Delhi. They are known for preserving the lost sweets of India and still selling it to the people. It is for the people who like the old school flavour of Indian sweets. They are also very reasonable when it comes to their price and do not compromise on the quality of their products.


Dear one of the most famous Bengali sweet shops in Delhi. Some of the best selling sweets from Dev shop include Pink Coconut Burfi, Khoya Kadam, Khoya Gulkand and many more. You can visit the shop to understand why it is one of the most famous sweet shops in Delhi.


This Shop is perfect for people who like eating heavy breakfast along with fresh sweets. It is a perfect breakfast stop for people who want to enjoy savory snacks along with sweet dishes. It is general packed during breakfast time because people from far off places come to enjoy their fresh delicacies in the morning.


Kadimi sweets is one of the most famous sweet shops in Delhi because most of its products get finished early in the morning. Such is the love of people for all the dishes that are sold by this Sweet shop. They have such a huge variety of sweets that you will be confused initially about what to buy and what not to buy.


The Sweet shop is famous for products like Chandrakala, Cham Cham, Chaina Toast and Rasbhari. They make all of their sweets and high-quality Desi ghee and still provide you all of the sweets at a reasonable price.

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